Today’s daily prompt of “rebel” was timely as I realised I would be able to offer a little bit of public service to those of you who wish to rebel against stifling conformity and try a bit of free thinking. In an excellent article in the New York Times Bari Weiss discusses the new intellectuals who are changing the face of current debate and starting to offer some hope that free thinking and debate have not died. She suggests that there is an Intellectual Dark Web where rebellious debate is gathering momentum, it is really worth  a few moments of your time to check this out.


One thought on “Intellectual Dark Web

  1. Thank you for this link. Even though I read the Times every day, I missed this. It is easy to miss things since there is so much to read every day. My daughter was just telling me how treacherous it is to write anything with a point of view which runs upstream to the prevailing one without getting blasted and labeled. This over the question of the Boy Scouts deciding to drop the name Boy and just call themselves Scouts.

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