Lets hear it for the puritans !

I find that unherd is rapidly becoming one of the best sites on the web for intelligent articles that promote thought and hopefully debate. As an example Giles Fraser’s February article Why does everyone have it in for the puritans makes excellent reading. Hopefully it will stimulate people to think what goals they have substituted to replace the aims of the puritans and perhaps cause us to consider what we have lost in the process.

3 thoughts on “Lets hear it for the puritans !

  1. Thank you for this link. I had never heard of unherd. I am a long time reader of Robinson and have had to take seriously her view of Calvinism since she takes it seriously.

    1. I am sorry to admit I have not read any of her work thigh Gilead has been suggested for our book club this summer. If they don’t go ahead with it I think I’ll try it anyway she sound and interesting author.

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