Daily Photo

There is no significance to this post. The daily photo is just my photographic diary, a collection of snaps, little more.

Damp Friday
Walking the dogs towards Cader Idris

4 thoughts on “Daily Photo

  1. I see familiar looking moss covered stone walls. Are the fence posts just being held up by the stones? Someone did a massive job setting all those posts into that wall. What are the lovely hills in the background?(Or do you call them mountains?)

    1. That is Cader Idris, one of our mountains in Snowdonia. According to fable it is the seat of Idris our local giant. I have great respect for the dry stone walling as when I try it I discover just how skilled it is.

      1. My husband was duly impressed by the posts being held up by the stones. Here wall robbers take down walls to use the stones on new very expensive houses. Bad trend.

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