“Clock-bomb boy” case is becoming a $15 million scam

This is an interesting update on an interesting story from earlier this year. It might help throw some light on the case of Ahmed’s Clock

The k2p blog

The “clock-bomb boy” case is increasingly looking like a scam, probably engineered by his father and his family, and perpetrated on a gullible, scared, politically-correct establishment (all the way up to a bemused Barack Obama). It looked suspicious even then in September:

When I first came across the story I also thought that the authorities had been rather heavy handed. But now I am not so sure.

It looks more and more as if either the boy was pretty stupid or that the whole episode was engineered with the help of his father and some others. A 14 year old must be pretty stupid to not realise that his clock – which looked nothing like a clock – would not be taken at face value for what it looked like. Moreover to bring it to school on 9/11 is either malicious or just idiotic. And the police never took it for a “bomb”…

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