Death by Political Correctness: Unraveling the Issue of Radical Islam

The Conservative Mind

Blind to Islam

The events in France has the usual cadre of talking heads spewing forth a collection of unintelligible garbage. A very select few actually having anything to say that resembles anything close to reasonable discourse. After the brutish assassination of a French cartoonist, and the subsequent attacks on innocent civilians, many were quick to do for the attackers what they would of not done for themselves, that is to distance their acts of terrorism from Islam.

While the indiscriminate ridicule of a religion’s sacred figures is nothing to be applauded, assassinating someone for being crude is beyond the pale. But, beyond the pale for whom and by what standard is the question. There can be little doubt where the killers got their inspiration. They came from lands where death is the sentence for such public insults to the Prophet. In their minds, they had suffered the infidels insults to Muhammad too…

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